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  • Republicans' Increased Governorships Increase Their Presidential Chances

    Atlanta Journal And Constitution - November 26, 2014

    latter opportunity during 2016’s presidential race, when the Obama administration’s inabilities

  • Second life on social media

    Politico - November 26, 2014

    So while opposition researchers retool their digital approach ahead of the 2016 presidential race, when social media will be even more important, they’re planning how to use these digital platforms...

  • Editorial: No smoking gun in Benghazi attack report

    Dallas Morning News - November 26, 2014

    offers no smoking gun to anyone looking to cast blame for the Obama administration’s response to the tragedy. The report, released Friday by the bipartisan House Permanent Select Committee...

  • Carl P. Leubsdorf: Looking at prospects for 2016 presidential race through Lichtman’s ‘Keys’

    Dallas Morning News - November 25, 2014

    fact, the American University professor says, his keys have correctly forecast every presidential race since 1860. That includes its 2000 forecast that Democrat Al Gore would beat Republican...

  • Hagel, under pressure, resigns as defense secretary

    Reuters - November 24, 2014

    Secretary Chuck Hagel resigned on Monday, leaving under pressure as President Barack Obama faces critical national security challenges, including fighting Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and...

  • Hagel resigns as defense secretary

    Reuters - November 24, 2014

    Secretary Chuck Hagel has resigned, the first major change to President Barack Obama's Cabinet since his Democrats were routed in midterm elections three weeks ago. Hagel was appointed less...

  • Election turnout was far worse than previous low

    San Francisco Chronicle - November 24, 2014

    5 percent set in 2002, when Gov. Gray Davis won re-election over Republican businessman Bill Simon. “The turnout was less than we predicted and worse than almost anyone expected,” said Mark...

  • The administration is hoisted on its own legal petard

    Washington Post - November 23, 2014

    uncovered some interesting trip wires which the president failed to sidestep. President Obama. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters) The OLC memo recognizes that under the guise of prosecutorial discretion...

  • The best revenge for the GOP is victory

    Washington Post - November 21, 2014

    Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) on Friday fired twin salvos at President Obama’s recent executive actions, announcing a House lawsuit challenging the implementation of the 2010 health-care law...

  • Dem Presidential Hopefuls Unite Behind Obama's Immigration Move

    Talking Points Memo - November 21, 2014

    on deporting felons rather than families," the former secretary of state, senator and first lady said. "We should never forget that we’re not discussing abstract statistics – we’re talking about...

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